ain't nothing sweeter than us georgia peaches

Julia. The peach state.
“Southern girls are God's gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the mason-dixon line and once you go southern may the good Lord help you - you never go back”

I’m a seer-sucker for monogrammed gifts. 💗

My mahi from the trip #mahi #deepsea #fishing #chubbies #kiawahs #dolphin my favorite fish #skysoutthighsout #thighliberation #cargoembargo

OOTD- its freaking cold outside

In love 😍
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I think it's funny how so many people support 'pinkandgreen' and how much she says "she loves the south" yet she wears a TShirt with a confederate flag on it and everyone 'from the south' knows that has become a symbol of hate and bigotry, but I guess if you go to Ole Miss and wear a TShirt like that you are just carrying on a tradition!



Love seeing my photos on my dash!

Obsessed with my new weekender bag!

Apparently it’s not physically possible for me to not fuck things up


Love my new Jacks! Already obsessed 😘
I love you, that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what.
- Claudia Gray, Hourglass (via forever-and-alwayss)

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Hill Country